Sebra Baby Gym

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The stylish, Danish-designed baby activity centre Babygym, which in 2016 won the internationally renowned "Red Dot" design award, here in the "Warm Grey" colour variant.
Babygym is made of wood and designed like a beautiful arc that encircles the child and makes playtime on the floor a pleasure both for the child and for the parents' eyes. Babygym creates a safe atmosphere around the child and the attached development and exploration toys helps stimulate the child and train the motor skills and coordination. In its first year, the child learns to focus its eyes and reach out - and that is why games for this age are very much about exploring the world.

The arch comes with eight pieces of sensory toys in beautiful colour combinations to suit both little boys and girls. For security reasons, the toy is attached to the arch and consist of i.a. a mirror, two birds with bells and a cloud with raindrops - toys that invite play and learning.

The activity arch has been tested according to EU directives and complies with the safety requirements in the field.

Material Plywood & samak wood
Length 55 cm
Width 55 cm
Height 84 cm