"The Litte Box Of Hygge" Gift Box



 Hygge is a Scandinavian concept - a feeling....you know that warm, fuzzy, content feeling? In essence that is what Hygge is.

 Be it a warm drink by a fire, sitting outdoors all wrapped in coats and hats or snuggling up with your loved ones on the sofa to watch a film. A feeling a wellbeing! 

 These boxes have everything you need to capture that feeling.

 Light the candle, make that hot chocolate. And when the kids are in bed, get cozy and quietly eat the yummy Christmas chocolate to yourself in the peace and quiet.

 I really hope you enjoy these boxes and that they give you a little bit of Hygge at home. 

 I will contact each customer to check which flavor chocolate and which scent candle you would like before sending or delivering.